Farminform was founded in 1972 when eleven pharmaceutical companies started a basic data exchange system of a small selection of products. The participating companies agreed that the availability of this information wouldn't be limited to the eleven founders but would also be available to other interested pharmaceutical companies. Today the vast majority of Dutch pharmaceutical companies, importers and wholesalers participate in this data pooling system and The Netherlands' major pharmaceutical companies and wholesalers are shareholders.
The basis for collaboration is laid down in a so called "participation agreement" between Farminform and the participant. This agreement stipulates the rights and obligations of both parties. "Obligations" include providing Farminform with article and sales information on products on the Dutch market (including direct sales to non-participating parties). "Rights" include the possibility to subscribe to one or more Farminform's information products.
The Farminform formula is based on the following principles:
1. The data is property of an organisation (Farminform) of which pharmaceutical companies and wholesalers are shareholder.
2. Participants have access to this Farminform data at a reasonable price. 
3. Farminform has a trustee function. This means it has access to the data on a very detailed level so that it can audit the process at all levels and assure reliability of the data. (For reasons of confidentiality) Farminform distributes data only at an agreed higher aggregation level.
Farminform data covers over 98% of the total market thanks to its many participants. Because of the high quality, Farminform's data is considered to be the gold standard for pharmaceutical market information in the Netherlands.
Farminform is monitored according to Dutch and European competition law.
If you are interested in participating in this pooling system, please contact us to discuss the possibilities.
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