Farminform products

The fiROM is a monthly online database with sales information on national and regional level of about 20.000 drugs divided into 43, 67 or 300 bricks (depending on outlet), 7 outlets, various product specifications, three prices (wholesaler purchase price, pharmacy purchase price and in some cases consumer price). Published approximately 15 days after the end of each month.
Quarterly publication in book form containing general information of the total market with figures per firm split out according to the EphMRA ATC classification.
Monthly regional reports in Excel of own products.
Monthly report for fiROM subscribers with turnover information of the total Dutch pharmaceutical market.
Information concept for (micro) marketing to increase f. e. saleforce effectiveness. In close collaboration with the experienced staff market definition and company or product performance are analysed in detail to answer your needs.
Cooperation with a third party enables Farminform to report on prescription data on a national level.
We have built up 3 years history of very reliable data on number of prescriptions and the division by prescriber and patient (M/F and age). 
The present product will soon be expanded by data including type of prescription (new, refill, switch), indication of prescriptions and unique counts of number of patients and prescribers.