Partnership Farminform and Prof. dr. Cornelis Boersma -

The rising costs of healthcare and maintaining the accessibility of care make it increasingly urgent to focus on the appropriate use of medicines.

In addition to being a healthcare entrepreneur, Prof. dr. Cornelis Boersma is a Professor of Sustainable Care and Innovation at the Open University and a health economist at the UMCG. His research focuses on policy and economic aspects of healthcare and the role of innovation for sustainable care and public health (including prevention).
Farminform is the national, independent data trust for pharmaceutical data. In addition, Farminform facilitates a safe data exchange for healthcare providers, governments and the business community and initiates various forms of cooperation.
An extra effort for the appropriate use of medicines is badly needed these days. There is a lot of valuable data available in the field of healthcare, but unfortunately it is still often fragmented and cooperation between parties is not always easy. However, by putting more emphasis on data-driven work with pharmaceutical and clinical information, it is now possible to use and actually optimise the treatment of patients in a much more targeted way. With a handshake, Luuk Renfurm, Managing Director of Farminform, and Prof. dr. Cornelis Boersma (on the right in the photo) confirm the partnership. A partnership that in the coming years will focus on four activities:
Simplifying the exchange of information between relevant care providers
In collaboration with the company Digital Health Link, specific LinkinPin software tooling will be used for this, based on the principles of 'privacy by design' and 'security by design'.

Strengthening the role of the pharmacist in the field of prevention
By using data analysis to make an additional contribution to the early detection and continuous monitoring of specific patients. This in cooperation with the company SensUR Health that offers a point-of-care technology with which ultra-sensitive measurements in body fluids, such as urine, can be performed.

Conducting research into cost development and cost-effectiveness within the Dutch medicines market
Using innovations in the field of artificial intelligence and the algorithms and prediction models specially developed by Health-Ecore, a better estimate can be made of health-economic outcomes. This is crucial for drug decision-making.  

Implementing the PITTS data platform
With the help of academic expertise, medical professional groups will be able to use a data platform (PITTS) for the continuous, systematic collection of all clinical (peer-reviewed) evidence on the comparative (cost) effectiveness of medicines for decision-making and guideline development.

Through these collaborations, Prof. dr. Cornelis Boersma and Farminform want to make an instrumental contribution to sustainable pharmaceutical and medical care and appropriate use of medicines by using innovative technology. Naturally, this will be done in strict compliance with all relevant laws and regulations on safety and privacy and in careful coordination with the care sector.

For more information, please contact:

Prof. dr. Cornelis Boersma, +31 653 736 276,
Gertjan Hulzebos (Farminform), +31 657 881 801, 
Robert Beenes (Farminform), +31 653 739 068,