fiSERVICES consists of additional services in addition to the ‘standard’ products from Farminform. For example, we make customized reports for the Farminform participants, but also for umbrella organizations and the government.

Fitting solutions

Our data analysts are ready to assist you with a suitable solution for your specific question. Through our contact page, you can get in touch with us to explore how we can answer your questions based on our data and expertise.

Who we are

Farminform provides high-quality market and user information about the Dutch pharmaceutical market. This lets healthcare professionals and pharmaceutical companies make effective policy decisions based on the latest developments.

Farminform has built up experience since 1971 in the automated collection, processing, enrichment and publication of information. Many companies and other organisations in the broader pharmaceutical sector are affiliated with Farminform (see overview of participants and overview of participating wholesalers).

Responsible data use

Farminform provides for the exchange of high-quality market and user information regarding the Dutch pharmaceutical market. Patients and healthcare stakeholders benefit from the responsible and safe exchange of data between healthcare providers, governments and industry. Convinced of the importance of data protection, Farminform as data trust takes all necessary measures in line with the law, including the General Data Protection Regulation (Algemene Verordening Gegevensbescherming (AVG)), to guarantee lawful and ethical data processing.

Our services

Pharmaceutical care is a rapidly changing field and the data needs of organisations within the healthcare field are changing along with it. Would you like to deepen or update your understanding of the Dutch pharmaceutical market?


The fiROM is a dataset containing information about the pharmaceutical market at national and regional level for more than 20,000…

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With fiFOCUS, it is possible to additionally zoom in on regional differences in medication use. It is also possible to…

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The themes within the fiSCRIPT concept include, for example, medication switch, adherence to therapy and co-medication.

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fiMED creates insight into healthcare data and facts by bringing together healthcare-related data from various sources with which Farminform has…

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