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Farminform is helping the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport

The ministry is currently having a study carried out to obtain a picture of what constitutes the ‘bottom end of the medicine market’ and how it is influenced by the government, insurers, pharmacies, wholesalers and manufacturers.
The aim is to get facts, trends and insights for this section of the pharmaceutical market to gain a better understanding of the effects of market dynamics, government instruments and the roles of various parties in this segment of the market.
Farminform is cooperating in this study, which is being carried out by Berenschot.

Preparatory phase
In the run-up to this study, Farminform helped the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport to define the outlines of the study and to draw up criteria for how to get a clear picture of the bottom end of the medicines market.
The results of this study are expected in Q4 of 2021.