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Farminform sponsors Symposium on Hospital Medicine

Farminform is the proud sponsor of the Hospital Medicine Symposium of the
Vereniging voor Ziekenhuisgeneeskunde (VvZG) on Nov. 10, starting at 10:15 a.m. at the Jeroen Bosch Hospital. An educational day with much attention to quality of care, patient safety and leadership.

What is hospital medicine
The hospitalist KNMG is a relatively new player in hospital care. In 2014, the profile was officially recognized. The hospitalist provides general basic care. The added value of a hospitalist lies pre-eminently in the broad outlook. This doctor is a generalist in the midst of specialists and sees the whole patient.

The increase in the number of – mostly elderly – patients with multimorbidity requires a generalist approach. Yet hospital care is becoming increasingly complex and specialized. This trend leads to further differentiation within specialties. The result: a patient’s care becomes increasingly fragmented. Hence the need for a doctor with a generalist profile.

The hospital doctor ensures high-quality basic care, continuity and good communication with other care providers inside and outside the hospital. With a broader view of the organization of the care process and the ability to make quality projects a success, the hospital physician contributes at the departmental level to improvement of both quality of care and patient safety. There are now 65 hospitalists working within 21 hospitals and other healthcare facilities.