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Opportunity for change

Opportunity for change
Palga Foundation and Farminform have found each other in a shared vision of the future of healthcare. In this picture, several parties are working together to enable insight into healthcare data for various parties. Not as an end in itself, but as an opportunity to change the current healthcare landscape. We want to make healthcare cheaper by making better use of already available healthcare data. We do this in a transparent way, with data from the source.

Who we are
Palga is the party in the Netherlands for collecting, protecting and making pathology data available. These data contribute decisive information to the correct diagnosis and treatment plan.

Farminform is the central data trust for medicines and pharmaceutical care in the Netherlands.

Our aim is to increase the group of organisations working together within healthcare. In the Netherlands, many different parties have a piece of the overall puzzle. Let’s find these puzzle pieces and connect them.

So herewith the call to all doctors, healthcare institutions, pharmaceutical companies and industry organisations: Palga and Farminform are happy to work together to solve (clinical) care issues through data. Will you join us?