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Members Farminform Review Committee

Farminform has set up a review committee because it is increasingly carrying out projects for and together with hospitals and healthcare institutions.

Farminform considers it important to operate completely transparently. Not only because the organisations we work with are entitled to do so or because public opinion demands it, but mainly because Farminform believes that clear and transparent operations should be the standard.

We would like to introduce the members of the review committee to you:

Ms mr. Lela Saou, chairman, Data Protection Officer (photo left)
Lela is the Data Protection Officer (FG) for Farminform and independently oversees compliance with the AVG and data protection policies. Lela has a background in (international) health law, focusing on privacy. She also has extensive experience as an FG at both large and small organisations in a variety of industries within the healthcare sector. Lela is a member of the Dutch Society of Data Protection Officers and the Health Law Association.

Ms Dr Larissa De Lannoy, member, patient perspective (pictured centre)
Larissa has worked for over 20 years in the pharmaceutical industry within Regulatory Affairs. She holds a master’s degree in biopharmaceutical sciences and a PhD in pharmacology. In her current role as an independent patient advocate, her focus is on initiatives that pave the way for new treatments in rare diseases. Larissa has served on various advisory committees, helped write a standard of care in the Netherlands for primary sclerosing cholangitis (PSC), among others, and participated in multi-stakeholder meetings for the Reflection Paper for PSC, PBC and NASH at the European Medicines Agency (EMA). Larissa is a member of the Advisory Board of Regulatory Science Network Netherlands and of the Social Advisory Board of HEALTH-RI. Larissa was previously associated with PSC Patients Europe.

Ms Dr Anne-Marie van Walraven, member, compliance (pictured right)
Anne-Marie has worked in healthcare since 1977, initially as a nurse, later in various coordinating roles, and as a scientific researcher.She is also involved in (inter)national projects as a project leader and policy officer.
From 2020, Anne-Marie is working as Privacy Coordinator in the healthcare sector and she is employed on a freelance basis as a certified Systemic Team Coach.In the field of AVG, Anne-Marie offers advice and support to teams to become AVG compliant.

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