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NEN 7510 certification

Farminform and Digital Health Link are working with Perium to certify both organizations. The NEN 7510 is the standard in the field of information security in healthcare. With a NEN 7510 certification we want to demonstrate that both organizations correctly handle privacy-sensitive data.

Farminform believes that the NEN 7510 certification is strategically important because more and more activities and collaborations are being conducted with various forms of healthcare data for various organizations. As a data trust, we value great importance to information security.

We are guided by Perium in the certification process. Perium is an all-in-one platform for risk management. This ensures that we can complete our certification quick and smart, but also easily monitor risk management on a daily basis through reports.

We assume that Farminform will be able to officially announce that we are NEN 7510 certified towards the end of this year.