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Cooperation between ZorgTTP and Farminform

With the signing of the agreement, Hans van Vlaanderen, director ZorgTTP (pictured left) and Luuk Renfurm, director Farminform, confirm the start of the collaboration.

ZorgTTP and Farminform are entering into a partnership with the aim of ‘securely unlocking healthcare data,’ enabling the structural provision of substantively strong data propositions towards the healthcare field. Through sustainable and reliable data exchange with healthcare parties, these data propositions can make a substantive contribution to appropriate medicine use in the Netherlands.
As a Trusted Third Party (TTP) since 2007, Stichting ZorgTTP is a specialised service provider in the field of Privacy Enhancing Technologies for policy and research (PET). By supporting clients in carrying out Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs) and pseudonymising personal data, it facilitates secure exchange of personal data and demonstrably complies with privacy legislation.

Farminform is the national, reliable and independent data trust for medicines and pharmaceutical care. Farminform also facilitates secure data exchange for healthcare providers, governments and industry, and initiates various forms of cooperation with the aim of ‘effectively answering clinical care questions and contributing to appropriate medicine use’.

The collaboration between ZorgTTP and Farminform will make it possible to better combine data from different healthcare parties and make it transparent. This can contribute to optimising patient treatment.

Luuk Renfurm, director Farminform: “Over the past period, we have gained excellent experience with the expert and high-quality team of specialists at ZorgTTP. The partnership with a renowned party like Stichting ZorgTTP enables us to broaden and deepen our cooperation with the healthcare field in the coming years, as well as give substance to data-driven work.”

Hans van Vlaanderen, director of Stichting ZorgTTP: “By entering into the partnership with Farminform, we offer our network the opportunity to make data from the pharmaceutical column technically linkable with (pseudonymised) data from other segments within the healthcare information domain via our pseudonymisation platform. In doing so, the legal framework forms the starting point for the choice of technologies to be deployed to enable secure data collaboration.”

For more information, please contact:
ZorgTTP, drs. Hans van Vlaanderen, +31 306 360 649,
Farminform, Luuk Renfurm, +31 621 695 672,