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Symposium on Hospital Medicine

On Friday 10 November, Farminform attended the Hospital Medicine Symposium of the Vereniging voor Ziekenhuisgeneeskunde (VvZG)  at the Jeroen Bosch Ziekenhuis. What a positive-minded group of doctors, actively working to make improvements within their own hospital.

Farminform is keen to change the way data is accessed for healthcare in the Netherlands. Our goal is to connect industry players, healthcare institutions, healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies and other stakeholders, and make data accessible to solve (clinical) issues in order to contribute to appropriate care.

We spoke to many doctors and were able to explain how data from inside and outside the hospital can be securely brought together to solve clinical issues.

Should we not have spoken to you, but you are interested, you can always contact Servaas Buijs and/or Idris Mattijssen.