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Review of the business relations meeting ‘making informed choices – from data to enriched management information’

Last Thursday 30 March, Farminform organised the annual customer event in cooperation with Axon Healthcare. At the Van der Valk Hotel Amersfoort, we were able to welcome around 90 delegates from our customers and cooperation partners.

After the opening by Luuk Renfurm, the floor was given to Wido Derks, who gave his views on the concept of ‘appropriate care and data.’
At Farminform, we work hard to link and provide insight into healthcare data from various sources. With this, Farminform wants to contribute to more effective pharmaceutical care in the Netherlands. Luuk Renfurm took attendees through ‘data-driven pharmaceutical care.’ What can Farminform already do in terms of data, with whom are partnerships and collaborations being established, what is the ultimate goal and what can this mean for you?

When data is available, predictions can be made towards the future based on this data. Casper Klijn addressed this with the topic ‘informed steering and forecasting based on the past.’ The next topic, ‘future choices in healthcare through product life cycle analysis,’ presented by Prof Cornelis Boersma, extraordinary professor of Sustainable Care and Innovation at the Open University, connected seamlessly. This topic gave a nice insight into how predictable the price course of a new (innovative) medicine is and how these insights can be used.

The afternoon ended with an enjoyable networking reception.

Thank you all for your time and the pleasant interaction. We look back on a successful afternoon and look forward to seeing you again in the coming year during regular meetings.