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Expansion and reinforcement team Farminform

Farminform is pleased to announce that Idris Mattijssen has started as senior relation manager health care and Erik van der Zant as financial manager on September 1st.

This gives the organisation an extra qualitative impulse that fits well with the strategic development Farminform is currently going through. The expansion of Farminform also contributes to the adequate response to the rapidly changing demands in the field of data solutions in the (pharmaceutical) care sector, according to Luuk Renfurm, Managing Director (right on picture).

As a senior manager, Idris has extensive experience in developing business innovations and new strategies. In addition, she brings specific knowledge of (big) data analysis.
She also has extensive experience in bringing people and organisations together in a connecting way. Her strength lies in quickly understanding processes and making a link between the needs of the customer and the (possible yet to be found) solutions. Idris mainly focuses on the development of the new healthcare data model and the building and growing of a relationship network of the relevant healthcare parties.

Erik van der Zant brings extensive professional experience to Farminform. The past eight+ years Erik fulfilled the position of Director Finance & Operations (with a broad financial, governance, risk & compliance profile) at InnovationQuarter. Erik will, in cooperation with the entire organisation, take care of the further roll-out of the transition of Farminform.

Farminform is the national, independent data trust for pharmaceutical data. Farminform also facilitates safe data exchange for healthcare providers, governments and the business community and initiates various forms of cooperation. Farminform is expanding its current data proposition with a new to be developed healthcare data model, in which clinical and pharmaceutical data come together. In doing so, Farminform aims for a sustainable cooperation with organisations that help healthcare providers to use medicines efficiently and appropriately for patients. Various parties in healthcare and the patient in particular will benefit from the use of this integrated model.