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VIG Talk 9 June 2022: From data to patient-centred treatment

Healthcare providers, patients and manufacturers benefit from the use of an integrated data model that includes both clinical and pharmaceutical data. But how do we achieve a collective approach and what changes are taking place in the healthcare data field?

The right data contribute to better patient-oriented treatment and the appropriate use of medicines. Actually, everyone agrees on that, but how do we ensure that this cooperation actually gets off the ground? Two speakers from the health care field address this question and propose possible solutions. Using a number of examples, they will show what new insights have been gained thanks to cooperation.


The first speaker is Luuk Renfurm, managing director of Farminform, an independent and facilitating healthcare data trust that aims to make the right datasets available in the healthcare field. According to Renfurm, it is essential that the parties involved collaborate more and share information: ‘Using co-creation to contribute to improving healthcare’. You can achieve more together than alone.

The second speaker is Ron Herings, Professor of Pharmaco-epidemiology and Healthcare Optimisation at the Amsterdam UMC. He is also founder and director of Pharmo, an independent research organisation dedicated to the study of epidemiology, drug use, drug safety, health outcomes and resource use in healthcare. We have to look at data with intelligence, because only then does it become valuable,’ says Herings.


After a short presentation, moderator Gerard Schouw (director of Vereniging Innovatieve Geneesmiddelen) will talk to both speakers about their contributions. Participants of the VIG Talk can use the chat function to join the discussion and ask questions to the guests.