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Care innovation

By combining Dutch pharmaceutical usage data with healthcare data, clinical care questions can be answered effectively and used directly in practice.

Farminform can act as an independent intermediary between the care provider, care institution, government and industry. We have various collaborations and partnerships with parties for the purpose of data exchange.

If you would like to know more about the possibilities for solving your (clinical) issues, where healthcare data and medicine data come together, please contact:

Idris Mattijssen           
+31 629 579 313

Servaas Buijs
+31 611 666 351

Pharmaceutical usage data

For insights into drug usage data, we invite you to contact us to jointly discuss your data needs. After getting acquainted, we can give you access to the customer portal of our website with more detailed information about our services and reports.

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Gertjan Hulzebos            
+31 657 881 801

Robert Beenes
+31 653 739 068

Data protection officer (FG)

Lela Saou is the data protection officer (FG) for Farminform and independently oversees compliance with the AVG and data protection policies. Lela has a background in (international) health law, focusing on privacy. She also has extensive experience as an FG at both large and small organisations in a variety of industries within the healthcare sector. Lela is a member of the Dutch Association of Data Protection Officers and the Health Law Association.

Lela Saou

Christa Pals
Executive Secretary

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