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The fiROM is a data set containing information about the pharmaceuticals market at national and regional levels, covering over 20,000 products.



fiFOCUS gives you insight into regional differences in use of medication.



fiSCRIPT helps you with analyses of medication switching, therapy adherence and comedication.



fiSERVICES provides bespoke reports and advice for specific data questions.

Pharmaceutical care is a rapidly changing field and the data needs of organisations within the healthcare field are changing along with it. If you would like to deepen or update your understanding of the Dutch pharmaceutical market, Farminform has more than fifty years of experience and will be delighted to be your partner providing user information about the human pharmaceutical market, at both the national and regional levels. To that end, we have reliable datasets available on approximately 20,000 medicinal products. We can provide accurate and up-to-date information thanks to our cooperation with virtually all manufacturers, distributors and importers of medicines in the Netherlands. The coverage provided by our data is close to 100%. In addition to standard reports (fiROM) and customised reports (fiSERVICES), Farminform can also assist in implementing the usage information. We have advisers who understand the content and technical experts who are available to help you find a suitable solution for your data requirements. 

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Care data
Farminform contributes to the continuous improvement of healthcare and pharmaceutical policy. We do this by creating insight into data and facts, realising cooperation between care parties and the reliable exchange of information with independent data assurance.
 By bringing information together, independently through data, clinical questions of healthcare professionals, patient, government and industry can be answered. This is of great importance because:

  • insight into integrated care data, combined with drug use data, contributes to appropriate drug use.
  • insight is increased on topics such as patient typing, co-medication, adherence, expensive or add-on drugs, outcomes/effects per treatment and benchmarks between one's own discipline/hospital and the aggregated data of others hospitals.

To gather the insights, Farminform invests in strategic collaborations with healthcare partners and industry players. We believe that with good partnerships and cooperation, you achieve more. Farminform would like to be the reliable partner for making (pharmaceutical) healthcare data available. We therefore invite you to contact us to jointly discuss your data needs.
TTP (Trusted Third Party)
In electronic transactions or messaging between two parties, a TTP acts as an independent third party and thus facilitates secure data exchange between parties.

The TTP guarantees the security, pseudonymisation and privacy of (patient) data.
  • Farminform can assume a TTP function in data exchange between healthcare providers and the pharmaceutical industry/column (e.g. in research into the development of new, or improvement of existing medication).
  • Farminform can act as the independent intermediary between the healthcare institution, the government and industry to organise and facilitate the data needs exchange.